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Libro del alumno:

Bringing classes to life

Smart Planet is a secondary-level course which appeals to students’ curiosity about the world around them. Stimulating materials complemented by fascinating videos from Discovery EducationTM help bring classes to life and are the ideal starting point for successful
language learning.

For Students:

  • Student’s Book.
  • Workbook.
  • Online interactive activities.
  • Augmented Reality app.

Augmented Reality app allows students to scan pages of the book with a smartphone or tablet to have access to audio, videos and multimedia resources.

CLIL and collaborative projects enhance students’ opportunities for learning.

Material del docente:

Key features

• Exciting-internationally-themed reading and listening topics.
• Thorough vocabulary and grammar treatment.
• Graded activities to cater for the mixed-ability classroom.
• Systematic revision and consolidation sections.
• A guided step-by-step approach to writing and speaking.

For Teachers:

  • Teacher’s Book.
  • Downloadable resources: Class Audio, photocopiable worksheets and tests.

‘Get it right!’ pages focus on common grammar and vocabulary mistakes made by Spanish speakers. All errors are taken from the
Cambridge Learner Corpus.

Amazing Discovery EducationTM videos support the activities and offer a wider perspective.